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Jasarevic Architekten

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Alen Jaservic

  • Born in 1973.
  • Studided architecture in Augsburg and Zurich and got his diploma in 1998.
  • He was the project manager in Kehrbaum architects until 2002.
  • He became self-employed in 2003.
  • He is a teaching assistant at the college of Augsburg.
  • He became a board member for BDA Bavarian – Schwaben in 2010.
  • He became deputy chair for BDA Bavarian – Schwaben in 2015.


  • Participated in the 9th biennial for architecture Sao Palo, Brazil essobrunner architecture.
  • Special prize from the Collegium Architecture Award.
  • Nominated for the European Architecture Award.
  • Art prize of the city of Augsburg.
  • Award nomination for the Aga Khan Award.
  • Prize from model build Augsburg land.
  • Recognition db prince building in the Stock Prinz Fund Award.
  • German Architects .com – Building of the week.


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