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Mubashra Ilyas

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Mubashra ilyas is a German Muslim architect from parents who have Pakistani roots, She was born and raised in Frankfurt am Main, where she still lives with her family today. 


her family  moved to Germany since 1977 as her father was looking for a country that offers religious freedom and a better life.

Education :

She studied architecture and enrolled at the Technical University of Darmstadt . "Buildings, architectural styles and shapes".


architect mubashra does voluntary work for the community so doesn't get money for her religious projects, and she has already designed several buildings.

-A mosque she designed was inaugurated in Bremen 2004.

-A mosque in Offenbach with a style that follows"Bauhaus elements combined with oriental architecture.", The 15-meter-high mosque tower can only be seen from a certain angle from the street as she meant it to be unobtrusive because it is easier for german origins to live with it.

-A mosque in Heinersdorf that is much smaller than the Offenbacher's mosque. women from the architect's community have collected money for this project throughout Germany . This mosque is a youth center with a public playground that belongs to the complex with a minaret of 12 m high.

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