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Arkitek Rekacipta

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ARKITEK REKACIPTA is a collaborative partnership of creative individuals providing design services to residential, commercial, institutional, health-care, hospitality, sports & recreational and overseas development. ARKITEK REKACIPTA was founded in 1986, in Kuala Lumpur by Lim Eih Guard and Hamzah Jumiran and in 1997, with the introduction of new directors; the partnership was changed to corporate practise under the name of Arkitek Rekacipta Sdn. Bhd. Since its inception, the firm's mantra is to provide innovative, environmentally sustainable architecture within an appropriate cultural and community context.

ARKITEK REKACIPTA's working culture is to strive for design excellence and to provide highest quality of services for all projects, regardless of size or budget, and having fun at work is mandatory. Our relaxed atmosphere promotes creativity and fosters a spirit of collaboration that is evident in the wonderful relationships we enjoy with our clients.

Our Philosophy

We believe that innovative opportunities exist in every project regardless of size or budget, and we relish the process of going from idea to occupancy with our clients, providing them with solution-driven architecture that specifically addresses the unique needs and individuality of their projects

As such, at the initial stage of each projects commissioned to us, the design team would, together with the principle project architect, discuss on analysis of brief and establish a most appropriate design approach. There are regular design reviews in which the design team would present the project to all partners for deliberation and debate. This process is vital and mandatory to ensure the achievement of the utmost quality of the final project is addressed.

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