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Hamed Fotovvat

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Telephone 03132646286

Architect, Founder
Fotovvat Architecture Group

Architecture and Urbanization office of Hamed Fotovvat and colleagues has begun its professional activity from the year 1388 and as the consultant, designer, supervisor has implemented more than 150 different projects, including architecture, urbanization, landscape design, interior design and lighting projects by which has prepared a very strong resume, and in this regard has won many awards. This office, by cooperation and hard work of a group of thinkers, engineers, builders and architects, is about to make a great stride towards the revival and development of architecture values, regarding new insight and knowledge, optimizing the cost and time and the development of modern technology. 

We hope to provide creative and new ideas with long term perspective, based on the new methods of architecture and urbanization, taking into consideration the fundamentals of lasting patterns of Iranian architecture, urbanization and also sustainable architecture, in order to achieve the Utopia of elevated Iranian contemporary architecture.

Mosque Projects