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ZDR Architect

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ZDR is an award winning design consultancy specializing in architecture, interiors and urban design. Our architectural and interiors experience includes numerous residential, commercial and institutional buildings of various scales and sizes, located both locally and overseas. In addition, we have also undertaken various urban design projects ranging from residential master plans to the development of urban design guidelines for large-scale urban redevelopment schemes and new townships.

ZDR began when Zaini Zainul, a Malaysian architect from the firm of Dubus Richez in Paris established the firm's Kuala Lumpur branch in 1997 that went on to develop multiple acclaimed projects.

Since 1997, ZDR has grown into an award-winning firm that endeavours to develop innovative design concepts and creative solutions backed by a team of 50 personnel.

In 2002, Zon Design Rekabina sdn bhd was established as a registered architectural practice recognized by the Malaysian Board of Architects (Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia). The directors of Zon Design Rekabina sdn. bhd., Sophie Chong, Noor A. Othman and Ahmad Jaafar Azizul are also on the board of directors of ZDR.

ZDR's design philosophy is governed by three overriding principles, which have enabled us to tackle a broad range of projects resulting in a rich and diverse design portfolio.


  • ZDR aims to provide a Comprehensive service of total design solutions, ranging from master plans to buildings to interior furnishings. We believe that the design environment, be it public spaces, architecture or interiors should co-exist seamlessly.
  • ZDR's expertise ensures Coherent design and execution of each project. ZDR operates as a proactive partner of the design team that strives to maintain a continuous dialogue between clients and consultants, thus fostering a dynamic synergy between all parties.
  • ZDR aspires to embody Creativity in our design approach to ensure that we remain on the frontier of the design industry, furnishing clients with innovative yet cost conscious design solutions.

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