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Marks Barfield Architects

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The firm was founded in 1989 by husband and wife team, Julia Barfield and David Marks. The couple met in 1972 when Marks moved to London after winning a place at the Architectural Association. When they first met the couple spent some time working on community-focused projects in South America, and it wasn’t until 1981 that the couple got married, then in 1989 established their firm. The practice is internationally known for innovation and is the award-winning team behind the creation of the London Eye.



“Marks Barfield Architects are committed to designing great buildings for our clients. We believe that good design transforms the quality of the environment and aim to provide an architecture that is fresh, sustainable, an imaginative response to context and a pleasure to experience. Our approach is not about style, but about analyzing, understanding and responding to the brief and the site in a way that leads to unique, often unexpected solutions.”



  • 1994: Liverpool Watersports Centre
  • 1999: Waterloo Millenium Pier
  • 2000: London Eye
  • 2002: Stoke Newington Watersports Centre
  • 2004: Millbank Millennium Pier
  • 2004: Spiral Café, Birmingham
  • 2007: The Lightbox, Woking
  • 2008: Michael Tippett School 
  • 2008: Treetop Walkway at Kew Gardens
  • 2008: Wembley White Horse Bridge & Public Realm
  • 2008: Think Tank, Lincoln
  • 2015: Greenwich Gateway Pavilions
  • 2015: University of Cambridge Primary School 
  • 2016: i360, Brighton
  • 2018: Cambridge Mosque 



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