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Rula Yaghmour

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Telephone Dubai +971 4 2208666 / Amman +962 4616 581

Rula Yaghmour, Born in 23rd ,September1985, Amman, Jordan. A holder of an Architectural Engineering degree, is the lead designer at Yaghmour Architects based in Amman. She graduated from the Jordan University of Science and Technology (2007). Aside from architecture Rula is interested in the various fields of design and arts. She is a contributor in INTERRUPTIONS, an independent non-profit initiative that enables non-standardized experimentation on architecture, design and culture. As part of this initiative, Rula took part in the preparation of several workshops and exhibitions. 

Yaghmour has also lectured in Jordan University as a part-time design studio lecturer in the year 2012. Today she is a lead designer for several projects at Yaghmour Architects. She is currently working on renovating and rehabilitating the Jordan River Foundation new showroom, a foundation that has initiated numerous socio-economic projects for women, which aim to provide employment opportunities that in turn enhance their livelihoods. Along with some research and planning for a new project in Nablus, Palestine, to create a cultural and heritage center for the city, Rula was the curator/instructor of Design Voices, a project in collaboration with Ruwwad, the Arab Foundation for Sustainable Development.

The design workshops focused on liberating the voices of the children of Jabal Al Nathief through design as a tool and a mean of expression to enhance and develop their built environment. She’s also the curator of Gallery 27, an exhibition depicting the story of an architect. Rula is also a member of the Center for the Study of the Built Environment. She’s interested in the community and the challenging built environment where she inhabits and practices her profession.


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