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Nahide Büyükkaymakçı

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Telephone +90 212 2926855

Nahide Büyükkaymakçı is a designer who custom designs from clothing to lamp with handmade glass, leather, paper and bone products.She has designed leather jackets, belts and bags for five years in her exquisite garden workshop in Çukurcuma. The famous designer made a name for herself with her blown glass lighting object inspired by the whirling dervishes in Taksim The Marmara Hotel.

In the Sakirin Mosque, the large asymmetrical chandelier has water drop-shaped glass globes made by Nahide Büyükkaymakçı, "reflecting a prayer that Allah's light should fall on worshipers like rain," the rings of the chandelier are decorated with the 99 names of Allah, and the name of the mosque (beside from reflecting the family name) is a literal meaning of “those who are thankful (to God)” in Arabic, and the women's section is designed specially to allow a clear view of the chandelier to showcase its beauty and magnificence.


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