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Ibda Design is an international Architecture, Urban and Interior Design practice based in Dubai with collaboration offices in Beirut and Tokyo. The firm was founded in 2009 by Wael Al Awar, who moved back to the Middle East after spending several years in Tokyo, collaborating with renowned Japanese architects on various scale projects in Japan and around the world. In 2012, Wael Al Awar was joined by Kenichi Teramoto as a partner. Both Principal Architects had worked closely in Tokyo on several international projects.

Ibda Design has a multi-disciplinary approach to design, addressing the social, environmental, economical and technological aspects of each project in order to tailor a highly specific concept to the given context. Ibda Design develops projects of varying scale and program, approaching each in a unique manner, with the ultimate aim of delivering a distinctive and high quality design.

Ibda Design is always looking to challenge conventional processes pushing the boundaries of design whenever possible. Extensive research precedes each project, allowing for a better understanding of client expectations and, more importantly, the means for broadening these expectations to create a fertile environment for design experimentation. 

Dubai as a HUB allows Ibda Design to extend beyond the Middle East and explore architecture and urban design in Asia and Africa. Ibda Design has a strong interest in researching and understanding different local conditions and developing a contextual architecture.

Ibda Design also has an extensive experience working on international projects, with connections to various collaborating professionals from different disciplines. Depending on the requirements of each project and program, Ibda Design is well equipped to setup a team of specialists to ensure maximum design efficiency. 

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