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Andy Rahman

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Andyrahman architect was led  by 2 young architects from Surabaya, the two architects were Andy Rahman and Abdi Manaf, both of whom were architectural graduates of ITS (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November) in 2004 and 2005. Andy Rahman himself was a graduate of the title of 'Best Final Project Majors Architecture of the Surabaya Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) in 2004 ', as well as one of the activists of the deMAYA community (Surabaya Young Designers), while Abdi Manaf's work was published by the Asian Architecture magazine. The similarity of vision and mission made these two young architects able to produce progressive, up-to-date but still contextual works . Characteristics of their innovative and 'fresh' designstheir high passion for the world of architecture. For them architecture must continue to develop and can have a major impact on the environment, good architecture must be able to stand in context, in harmony with nature as well as being a marker of time.


Since it was officially established in 2006, Andyrahman Architect has donated more than 300 works spread throughout Indonesia. 

Andrahrah architect's works include private residences, offices, hotels, rector buildings, school buildings, housing estates, homestays, boutiques, banks, schools, car showrooms, hospitals, mosques, boarding schools, research buildings, boarding houses, shop houses etc. . Some of the achievements of andyrahman architect include: In 2010 one of the works of Andyrahman Architect (Simokerto Elementary School) entered Asian architecture books with several other well-known Indonesian architects. Another work entitled Windcatcher Housewas chosen as the 'Building of the Year 2010 Archdaily' nomination on an international scale. In 2011 and 2013  andyrahman architect collaborated with the writer Imelda Akmal (IAAW) and the publisher of PT. Gramedia Pama Tama has published 2 monograph books about homes and is a  Best Seller in the market. In 2011, one of his works entitled 'Sidoarjo Mud Volcano Research Center' was exhibited in Japan in an International exhibition entitled Indonesian Architects Week at Tokyo 2011. In 2012, 'Windcatcher House' was again selected as one of the works of Indonesian architects on display at Deen Hag in the Netherlands at the 'Indonesian Architecture Public Exhibition 2012' at Deen Hag Netherlands. And in 2012, one of Andyrahman's architects entitled 'Ambiguity House' was nominated for the 2012 Architizer A + Awards, a world-class awards event. Recently andyrahman architect 's work entitled 'Biophillic Boarding House' was selected as a finalist at the 2016 World Architecture Festival award which was held in Berlin, the work was also nominated for 'Building of the Year 2017 Archdaily'. 


Andyrahman architect's studio is currently in the City of Sidoarjo. Andyrahman architect is an architectural firm that focuses on developing sustainable architecture and processes cheap, local, recycle and reuse materials . The architecture is the architecture of knockoffs, because according to them, those two things are actually the strength of Indonesian architecture. One of his dreams is to reach architecture to the entire community, for him architecture is not only owned by the rich, but the whole society. andyrahman architect wants to be an architectural bureau for all circles and can contribute his ideas to the community as well as architectural

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