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Eric Nicolaas Broug

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Recent Projects

  • Feb 2018 -present  Project consultant for conservation and documentation project     Rescuing the Mamluk Minbars of Cairo. Funded by the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund: 

  • Jan 2018 - present Lecturer and workshop convenor for Aga Khan Museum. A collaborative   project will see me give sessions across the USA and Canada in 2018 and 2019 

  • Jan 2018 - present Lecturer and workshop convenor at Sheikh Zayed mosque in Abu     Dhabi for Tourism and Culture Authority. Monthly sessions for the Hajj Exhibition: Memories of a Journey

  • Aug 2017- present Design of a very large Moroccan-style zillij composition for Zakaria Education Centre in Dewsbury, United Kingdom. 

  • July 2017-present Project ‘Rescuing the Mamluk Minbars of Cairo’. Funded by the Cultural Protection Fund of the British Council 

  • June 2017 Lecture at the University of Leiden on Piet Mondriaan and Islamic Geometric Design

  • May 2017 CPD training for architects in Dubai: Best Practice in Islamic Geometric   Design. At Koltay Facades.

  • May -Dec 2016 Development of the Tilemaker educational game for Qatar Foundation     International 

  • October 2016 Participation in Global Islamic Economy Summit in Dubai. (Very) short     workshops, sponsored by Noor Bank 

  • October 2016 Masterclass on Islamic geometric design at Dubai Design Week.

  • April 2016 Exhibition at Bradford Museum in the UK. Commissioned to create a piece for their permanent collection

Publications (electronic and print)

  • Forthcoming Revised 10th anniversary edition of Islamic Geometric Patterns (January   2019)

  • Forthcoming Best Practice in Islamic Geometric Design. A Handbook for architects. (eBook, October 2018) 

  • October 2016 Islamic Geometric Design Workbook (Thames & Hudson) 

  • October 2015 Article/video presentation for CIADA 2015 conference: “Too Much Reverence:   Towards a New Way of Teaching Islamic Geometric Design”

  • October 2014 ‘Draw Islamic Geometric Star Patterns’ (e-book. Available on Amazon Kindle, Google Play, iTunes and other platforms) 

  • October 2013 ‘Islamic Geometric Design’ (Thames & Hudson). Also published in a French edition. 

  • July 2013MC Escher Meets Islamic Art (Uitgeverij Thoth). Co-author.

  • May 2008Islamic Geometric Patterns(Thames & Hudson). English translation of my first book. Also published in Farsi, Turkish and French editions. 

  • May 2007Islamitische Geometrische Patronen (Publisher: Bulaaq Amsterdam)

  • April 2007 Article on Islamic geometrical design in the magazine Saudi Aramco World 
  • February 2001 article ‘Tradition, Innovation, and New Experiments in Islamic Geometric Design’ in festschrift in honour of M. Uğur Derman, published by Sabanci University, Turkey; 

Workshops and Training
Over the last five years I have given dozens of workshops to different groups: creatives, architects, schoolchildren, teachers. These events have taken place all over the UK, in Holland, Morocco, Norway, Germany, Turkey, UAE, USA and Canada. 


  • Sept‘01–August ‘02 MA in the History of Architecture degree at the department of Art and Archaeology of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London; 

  • Oct ‘00- July ’01 Post Educational Diploma (P.E.D.) at the traditional arts department of the Prince’s Foundation in London; 

  • 1996 – 1999 part-time MA course in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, specializing in Middle Eastern International Relations;

  • 1991. Fine Arts course at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam; 

  • 1987 – 1990 BA (equivalent) degree in Political science at the University of Amsterdam, specializing in International Relations and Political Theory; 

Online and Social Media

  • School of Islamic Geometric Design website. Free online educational resources. 
  • Ted Ed tutorial Animated lesson: The complex geometry of Islamic Design. Over 6 million views. 
  • My YouTube channel. Various online tutorials 
  •  My personal website Work


  • October 2016 - present self-employed. Director of Broug Ateliers Ltd in the UK. 

  • April 2007 – October 2016 Business manager for Middle East/North Africa at Emerald Group Publishing 

  • December ’06 Educational Consultant for the Turquoise Mountain Foundation in Kabul, Afghanistan. Responsible for teaching and developing the design curriculum for the School of Traditional Arts in Kabul.