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Nadan Engineering Consultancy

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Ours is a multidisciplinary staff that includes architects and engineers that are certified by The Oman Society of Engineers. Our staff is committed to providing professional services by being communicative, transparent and to provide cost effective, sustainable solutions factoring energy and environmental considerations. We achieve this by listening to and understanding our client’s and market’s current needs and anticipating their requirement in future. As Norman Foster stated “As an Architect, you design for the present with an awareness of the past for a future that is essentially unknown”.

To assure our clients and their project’s success, we adhere to highest quality and safety standards laid down by The Ministry of Housing, Municipality building codes, Royal decrees and laws bearing in mind the budget constraints to provide maximum client benefit. With two decades of extensive construction, site knowledge and an eye for detail we exceed our clients expectations with superbly executed projects. Our projects include and are not limited to residential and commercial complexes, shopping malls, hotels, community halls and mosques.

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