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Ali Alshuabi

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Personal Information

  • Born, 1950 
  • Architect and Urban Planner.


  •  B. Arch. ‘72, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  •  M. Arch. A.S. ‘75 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge, U.S.A.


  •  See Beeah Awards for extended list
  •  Aga Khan Award for Architecture, ‘89, for Al-Kindi Plaza, Riyadh.
  • Organization of Arab Towns Award, ‘90, for The Center of the D. Q. Riyadh.
  • Marble Architectural Award, Carara - Italy ‘90.
  • Architectural Design Award, Mosque Architecture Symposium, Malaz Mosque, Riyadh ‘99.
  • Urban Design Award, Mosque Architecture Symposium, D.Q. Jamie, Riyadh ‏’99.
  • Man of the Year (Architecture) ‘92 Al Majallah – London.
  • Gulf Engineers Union Award
  • Alfawzan Award for Mosque Architecture


  • Partner, Beeah  since ‘75. 
  •  Master Jury Member for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture ’89 –’92 and Steering Committee Member 1990-2000. 
  • Chairman of Al-Umran (Architects and Planners) Society of Saudi Arabia ‘95 – ‘98. 
  • Member of ICOMOS Executive Committee – Paris ’98 – ‘99.
  • Vice Chair of Saudi Heritage Society, Teaches intermittently Architecture and Urban Design at King Saud University.


First Place  

  • SAPICO Tower - Islamabad, Pakistan 1984 (Built)
  • Traditional Village, (Museum for Folk Culture) Riyadh 1986
  • Mahrajanul – Jinaderiya, Camel race, Hotels, Catering, Dinning, and pavilions 1986. (Built)
  • Ministry of Education Headquarters and support facilities 1994. (built)
  • Madina Al-Munawwarah Municipality and convention center 1994 (built)
  • Ministry of Health
  • Rajehi University, Bukairiyah
  •  Pension Fund Complex (built)

His work extended from regional planning to furniture design but mainly city centers, residential developments, parks, complex projects and large civic facilities. Conservation and Restoration related work includes :

  • Research on Stabilization of Vernacular Earth Construction.
  • Structural Evaluation of Vernacular Earth / Timber Structures.
  • Documentation of Vernacular Buildings in the Desert Regions of Saudi Arabia.
  • Conservation, Restoration and Re-habilitation of Vernacular Earth Buildings
  • Documentation, Historic Research and Restoration of old Riyadh City Walls.
  • Documentation of Ushayqir Historic Town in Saudi Arabia.
  • Documentation of Al-Murabba, Historic Complex, Riyadh.
  • Development of Taiif Historic Center