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Dalila AlKerdani

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Place and date of birth

Cairo, July 21, 1956.


  • 1992

Cairo University, Ph.D., Architecture,
"Cultural Facilities and Community Development in Egypt: policies,
buildings, and settings for public culture"

  • 1990

UC Berkeley, Studies in "Computers in Architecture" and
in "Social and Cultural Bases of Design"

  • 1986

Cairo University, M.Sc., Architecture, "Change in
Architecture and Physical Treatment of Residential Areas
in Cairo: an emphasis on facades"

  • 1979

Cairo University, B.A., Architecture


  • 1996-present

Dalila ElKerdany, Architects

  • 2000-present

Cairo University, Associate Professor at the Department
of Architecture

  • 1992-present

Cairo University, Assistant Professor at the Department
of Architecture

  • 1996-present

International Association for the Study of Traditional
Environments (IASTE), University of California at
Berkeley, USA, International Correspondent and Editorial Advisor

  • 1992-1995

Consulting Group Gamal Bakry and Associates, Partner
and Managing Director

  • 1993- 1994

Regional Information Technology and Software
Engineering Center (RITSEC), Architectural Consultant,
for project on the Documentation of the Islamic
Monuments of Cairo

  • 1987-1992

Cairo University, Assistant Teacher, Department of

  • 1990 - 1991

Mark Mac Office (San Francisco), Architect

  • 1980- 1987

Cairo University, Instructor, Department of Architecture

  • 1979-1989

Egyptian and German Consultancy for Physical
Development (E+G), Architect, Designer and Urban

  • 1980-1981

Kiemle Kreidt und Partner Engineers (Berlin), Architect

Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions

  • 2000

AlTorjuman Project: Multi-Culturalism as a New
Paradigm, IASTE Seventh International Conference,
October, Trani, Italy, "End of Tradition".

  • 1999

The Upgrading of the Urban Environment of Zamalek, 9
th Conference of the Union of Egyptian Architects,
"Architectural Heritage and Urban Design".

  • 1999

Port Said: The Future of the Architecture Heritage, an
Exhibition held at the Port Said Palace of Culture, The
General Organization for the Cultural Palaces, Inaugurated by the Governor.

  • 1998

History Telling Through Garden Design: A Design
process of a Public Garden in Port Said, IASTE Sixth
International Conference, December, Cairo, Egypt,
"Manufacturing Heritage/Consuming Tradition:
Preservation, Tourism, and Development in the Age of Globalization".

  • 1998

Conservation Policy for Zamalek Island, a Panel Session
at IASTE Sixth International Conference, December, Cairo,
Egypt, "Manufacturing Heritage/Consuming Tradition:
Preservation, Tourism, and Development in the Age of Globalization".

  • 1997

Cultural Institutions and their Architecture in Nasser's
Egypt, a presentation at the Center for Middle Eastern
Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

  • 1996

Port Said : Invoked Style and Contemporary Denial
IASTE Fifth International Conference , December 14 - 17,
1996, Berkeley, California. "Identity, Tradition and the
Built Form, the Role of Culture in Development and Planning"

  • 1996

Informal housing, and Income Generating Activities: the
Case of Cairo, a presentation at The Istanbul University
Workshop, HABITAT II International Conference

  • 1994

Insider / Outsider Eye on the streets of Cairo, a joint
paper presented at IASTE 1994 Conference, Tunis,
Tunisia. It is published through the Working Paper Series
of the Center for Environmental Design Research, College
for Environmental Design, University of California at Berkeley.

  • 1994

What is After Restoration ?, a paper presented at UIA,
Egyptian Architects' Conference, Cairo.

  • 1994

Between Tradition and Modernity: The Dilemma of
Contemporary Egyptian Architecture, Lecture Series,
School of Architecture, The University of British, Colombia, Vancouver.

  • 1991

Policies in Public Culture and Their Architecture, a
paper presented at EDRA 22 Conference, Oaxatabec, Mexico.

Prizes, and Competitions

  • 1998

First prize, Land Mark, Public Art work at the Northern
Entrance of Suez Canal, Port Said, Port Said Governorate,
and the Ministry of Housing, Infra Structures, and New Communities.

  • 1998

Honorarium Prize, Senderella Tourist Resort,
Mediterranean Sea, Teeba Company for Development.

  • 1996

second prize, Maspero Area Urban Planning, Cairo

  • 1996

first prize, Middle Income Housing Complex in Hadaek
ElKobba ,Cairo, The Engineers Company for
Development and Urban Investment.

  • 1995

first Prize, Mena Garden City Commercial and
Recreation Center, 6th October City, Mena Company
for Tourist and Urban Investment

Grants and Fellowships

  • 1993

USIS International Visitors Program Grant for Studying
Urban and Architecture Conservation in the United States.

  • 1989-1991

USAID Peace Fellowship Program for Data Gathering at
the College of Environmental Design, The University of California at Berkeley


  • 2000

7th IASTE Conference "The End of Tradition ", October 11-15, Trani, Italy.

  • 1999

UIA International Conference, June 23-26, Beijing, China

  • 1998

Local Co-Director,

  • 1997

Architecture Of the Future, UIA Working Group, Helsinki, Finland.

  • 1997

Future of Arab Culture, Supreme Council of Culture, May 11-14, Cairo, Egypt.

  • 1997

The Arab Region Conference for Urban Planning and
Sustainable Development for Arab Metropolitan, and
Urban Centers, Participated in a workshop titled:
Capacity Building in Planning and Urban
Management.. General Organization for Urban Planning,
April 2-5, Cairo, Egypt.

  • 1996

Chairing a session in IASET 1996 Conference, session
title : "Elements of Urban Traditions : Analyzing Form" . Berkeley, USA.

  • 1996

University Faculty of Architecture, Taskisla, 10 - 14 June 1996.
Istanbul, Turkey.

  • 1995

Cairo International Conference, Improving the Living
Environment for the Urban Poor: Towards Sustainable
Development (Preparatory Meeting for HABITAT II),
December 18 - 21, Cairo, Egypt