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Ateliers Paysages et Lumière

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Atelier RG is a design office specializing in landscape studies, the design of public spaces and project management of urban and landscape developments.

After more than ten years spent in landscape agencies, the Atelier was created in 2013 by Romain Geoffroy, landscape designer DPLG. His various collaborations allow him to have an analysis and a sensitive conception, with regard to a given territory.

Rich in this experience, the Atelier develops an identity-based approach to landscaping as the main line of landscaping design.

Based on a contextual analysis of the site, the know-how of Atelier RG makes it possible to deal with projects on different scales, from studies of large landscapes to the qualitative treatment of public or private spaces, as places to live and meet. The approach developed combines the functionality and animation of the spaces, the quality of the vegetation and the financial control of the projects.

At the same time, the Atelier offers a "light" skill to secure and animate outdoor spaces. This approach makes it possible to combine functional lighting with a specific lighting atmosphere to imagine fully-fledged nocturnal landscapes.

Approach and Philosophy

A territory

Each landscaping model, each development must reveal a place, a

identifiable identity on the basis of a given territory.

The appropriation and analysis of a site make it possible to objectively understand the components, assets and constraints of a territory. This systematic approach is strategic for the foundation of the conceptual orientations defined as early as possible with the project stakeholders.

Environmental approach

The projects developed constantly integrate environmental considerations into the development process. This approach matures with the very design of the project, particularly in terms of soil treatment, rainwater management, respect for plant characteristics, with a view to reasoned maintenance for managers.

Exchanges around the project

The practice of our profession is exercised through our skills and our ability to work in close collaboration with Architects, Urban Planners, Technical Studies Offices, Ecologists, Surveyors, Sociologists, Lighting Designers, etc.

Public consultation, in the form of participatory workshops, the constant exchange and cross-functionality of knowledge in multidisciplinary teams, is a great tool for the development and appropriation of the project by all.


The Atelier develops a practice of landscape and public space oriented towards public project management, at the service of local and regional authorities, but also towards private commissions.

It mobilizes the skills necessary for the development of complete assignments for development projects, from preliminary studies to site monitoring.