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Farouk Yaghmour

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Founder of  Yaghmour Architects and a professor of Design at SABE at the German Jordanian University. Yaghmour is known for his cultural conscious work in the region and has carried out projects on a myriad of scales including interior design, architecture, urban design, conservation and planning. His projects include everything from a house in Amman to the rehabilitation of the Solomon pools in Bethlehem.

Yaghmour Architects was established in Amman in 1982 as a design and planning firm offering complete services in architecture, planning, interior design, renovation, landscape, supervision and construction management. A fully qualified consulting firm, with a long experience in various architectural, planning and engineering aspects with a scope of work that ranges from comprehensive planning of multi-phased developments to complete designs contributing in creating a sense of place that grows out of local environments, traditions, and crafts, combining a cultural conscious design and a concern for architectural craftsmanship and has constantly endeavored to develop more effective means, with designs representing simple and direct solutions with a balance of art, science, economy and function; together tuned to each client’s needs and aspiration.

Participated in many local and international competitions, and proudly won the first prize in many of them as well as playing an outstanding role in convincing the local authorities of some vital projects in old cities, attracting private investors to support and finance such leading projects that are highly expected to have positive impact on the daily life of citizens. By the year 1990 a second branch was established in Sharjah, UAE, and another in Bethlehem, Palestine in 1994 and a branch in Dubai, UAE in 2002 and recently in 2008 in Abu Dhabi, where each branch has an independent professional team of architects, engineers and administrative staff.

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