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Mohammed Burhanuddin

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The 52nd D'al-Mutlaq of the Dawoodi Bohras, Mohammed Burhanuddin (6 March 1915 - 17 January 2014), served as their leader. He restored the culture, history, and heritage of the community and led it for 49 years during a time of social, economic, and educational prosperity. He also reaffirmed and institutionalized the society's primary religious beliefs. Burhanuddin finished the task that his predecessor Taher Saifuddin had begun by achieving harmonious cohabitation of traditional Islamic beliefs and contemporary Western practices within the society. In recognition of Burhanuddin's efforts at revival and restoration, the states of Egypt and Jordan awarded him with the highest national civilian accolades. In Arab nations, he was referred to as Azamat us-Sultan, which is Arabic for "the Great Sovereign." He was the first D'al-Mutlaq to travel extensively for community outreach and tour Europe, Australia, and America.

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