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Abu al-Hasan ben Uthman

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born in 1299 (or 1288) and died in 1351, was a Merinid sultan who succeeded his father Abû Sa`îd `Uthmân in 1331.

Designer and builder of Mansoura mosque in Algeria.

between 1331 and 1348, was a sultan of the Marinid dynasty who ruled over Morocco. He took Gibraltar from the Castilians in 1333, while a subsequent attempt to seize Tarifa in 1339 failed miserably. He expanded his power over Tlemcen and Hafsid Ifriqiya in North Africa, which combined included what is now Algeria and Tunisia's northern regions. Under him, the Marinid domains in the Maghreb briefly controlled a region comparable to that of the Almohad Caliphate that had come before. He was shipwrecked, lost a lot of his supporters, and was forced to flee as a result of an Arab tribal revolt. In Fez, his son Abu Inan Faris took over. In exile in the High Atlas highlands, Abu Al-Hasan passed away.

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