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Basma Abdallah Uraiqat

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Architect, CEO
Uraiqat Architect

An architect and a specialist in architectural theory. She holds a Master’s degree in Architectural Theory and Design from the University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Jordan. She is a co-founder of Uraiqat Architects, an architecture and interior design firm where she holds the position of Design Manager. Basma is also a co-founder of Atelier Uraiqat, an experimental design studio that integrates art, design, critical theory and technology.

In addition to her work in design and practice she is also involved with academia through lectures, workshops, and student affiliations with the German-Jordanian University, Columbia Middle East Research Centre, and other local universities. She has also published writings in several local and regional publications in the fields of architecture, design, theory, philosophy and culture. Her work explores architecture, philosophy, and art to develop a unique approach to architecture and design that reflects identities and contemporary influences.

Basma’s work in architecture and design was exhibited in a number of exhibitions in Amman, London, Basel, Dubai, Doha, Manama and Beirut. She has also won several awards for her excellence in architecture including the Benoy Prize for Best Master’s Portfolio.

"Throughout history, architecture and design have been the ultimate expression of the human condition in time. It is a manifestation of the physical, environmental, cultural, and political needs of a society. I am constantly reminded of this throughout my work, and that is why I adopt a method that is rooted in the spirit of my age that is based on change, difference, and temporality.

My work is described as parametric, and that is far beyond the stylistic and formative meaning of the word. It is parametric in that it is responsive to the parameters and forces that influence the work. These range from the direct forces of clients, sites, and environments to the more fluid forces of culture, society, and technology. This responsiveness requires the process to be multidisciplinary; integrating materials, form, sociology, philosophy, and contemporary technology. 

I see my work as a continuous process of production - production of meaning, space, method, and technique. And it is an endless journey of exploration of the potentials that lie at the limits of the physical and the intellectual. "

Uraiqat Architects (UA) is an architectural and interior design consulting firm that comprises of a team of highly skilled contemporary designers and experienced engineers. Based in Amman, its work experience consists of a wide range of project types and scales including commercial, retail, residential and cultural.

UA is focused on producing designs that are highly innovative and yet technically efficient by integrating contemporary design technology in its design process. It produces unique designs that are unprecedented in the region in terms of design and production quality. The integration of technology comes in line with the firm’s belief in providing customers with the best product and service with maximum efficiency.

UA handles all stages of the design starting from conceptual and idea design to engineering drawings and documents along with construction management and supervision. For that it has developed a methodology that is based on finding optimum solutions for the design parameters including client needs, design aspirations, technical challenges, resources, and budget awareness. This methodology stems from the firm’s awareness of the necessity of establishing equilibrium in the complexity of the design and construction processes.

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