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Babnimnim Design Studio

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Babnimnim Design Studio

At BNN, we are intrigued with creating innovative approaches to design that represent our clientele in the most authentic way using the latest technology, and through our collaborative efforts with other design-based firms.


Babnimnim’s aim is to develop the local design status of the Gulf Region towards the attention to detail through culture and local know-how with a strong basis on international design standards. We at Babnimnim do not support the excessive approach to building design but rather seek to be the creators of the tangible human-scale designs for interior and exterior space providing an experience though modern and contemporary materials and environments. Our approach to design is pragmatic and methodical all while building the spaces' identity.


This is produced through an analysis of the project needs via references and structures that will be visualized to a totalitarian rendition. Aesthetics are also an integral part to our design methods; our choices would showcase our capabilities of producing something unique as well as compelling.

Mosques Projects

1.Mohammed Jassim Al-Saddah Grand Mosque