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UrbAr Urbanization and Architecture

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Urbanization and Architecture

UrbAr is an Urban Design and Architecture office based in Istanbul. Founded by Ali Kural and Deniz Çalış the practice of the office focuses on the process of urbanization and its effects on the built environment and on architectural design. 


Whereas Turkish architecture has been characterized by successive periods of nationalist and internationalist styles, UrbAr is interested in investigating how the dynamics of urbanization inform the practice of urban design and architecture. In this respect the older paradigms of design practice are ineffective at best to come to terms with new forms of urban development. Investigation of this emergence of new forms of urbanism is part of the ongoing work of UrbAr.


UrbAr offers design services in the areas of urban planning, urban design, architecture, landscape and interior design. Recent completed projects include: Strategic Plannning of Urban Tourism in Beyoğlu, Master plannning of Resort community in Altınoluk, Housing in Milas and Teracce villa in Ankara.

Mosques Projects

  1. Alaçatı Süreyyave Muzaffer Baskıcı Mosque