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Fluid Motion
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was established in 2004 by two architects, 
Catherine Spiridonoff and Reza Daneshmir, in the city of Tehran. So far, it has been assigned the responsibility of designing and supervision of different architectural and urban design projects, with the aim of improving the quality of architecture in the country; some of these projects are listed below:

- Mellat Park Cineplex which contains five movie halls along with an art gallery, a restaurant, a coffee shop and Book and CD store, with the total floor area of 15,000 square meters, located in the southern side of Mellat park, now finished and now is fully operational. 
- IMAX Complex, consisting of cultural, cinematic and commercial spaces along with an indoor funfair and ceremony halls, with the total floor area of 120,000 sq. m. located in the northern side of Yadegar Highway, which is at the stage of design.
- Multi-tenant Residential Building, located in Isfahan Scientific and Research Town, for young scientists and researchers. It is still at the stage of bidding and the beginning of construction works.
- An Office Building located in Pole Roomi neighborhood in Tehran, which has been being used. 
- An Office Building located in Zafar neighborhood in Tehran, which has been used. 
- Presentation of papers and architectural and urbanism theories; Exhibition of works, attending national and international architectural competitions that are held by accredit institutes and establishments, all take an important part of cultural and professional activities of the company.